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Company Profile

The brand “UNIGY ” has been originated from Singapore and started from 2006. UNIGY is a professional compressor company, which has around two decades expertise and experience of developing, manufacturing and sales of oil-free process gas compressor. With continuous accumulation of develop and manufacture expertise and experience, UNIGY has been recognized and awarded as a "High-tech Enterprise" by local Science& Technology Department.

UNIGY has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and considerate and complete after-sales services. Our production facility is based in Hongshan Industrial Park, Luoyang City, Henan Province and the sales headquarters is based in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. Besides, UNIGY has sales offices in Luoyang, and Jinan and has established a nationwide distribution network to provide our customers with excellent services. UNIGY mainly develops and produces oil-free process gas compressors, high-pressure air compressors, oil- free gas boosters, gas recovery compressors, screw air compressors, vacuum integrated systems and other industrial gas compression equipment, and also provide after-sales and maintenance service for the above-mentioned equipment. Plus, UNIGY provides customers with tailor-made solutions of standard and non -standard equipment.

UNIGY oil-free gas compressor can achieve the efficient, energy-saving, and low-noise transmission (or pressurization) of oil-free gas or air. With application of advanced design technology and new materials, UNIGY compressors can be composed to D-type, W-type, V-type, and Z-type structural forms to adopt to various working conditions in different application scenarios of customers with a higher efficient compression performance. UNI GY c ompressor can handle a variety of process gases, including propane, butane, propylene, butene, media that can be compressed include: sulfur hexafluoride/ ammonia/ nitrogen/ biogas/ propylene/ tail gas/ butane/liquefied gas, and etc.

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Our principle

Honest and trustworthy, and customer-oriented, to provide customers with perfect services

Our goal

Enable customers to achieve higher production efficiency with lower operating cost

Choose UNIGY, Choose Rest Assured!

Service hotline:4006137916

Choose UNIGY, Choose Rest Assured!
Technical services
  • UNIGY·Worry-free Service

    *UNIGY will become reliable partner by providing customers with innovative solutions and reliable expertise. We not only provide customers with first-class products and support, but also do everything for the sake of customers at ease. Creating value for customers is our eternal business philosophy.

    *We provide customers with high-quality products and solutions in the industry, devote ourselves to reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution, continuously provide you with the knowledge and experience about compressed air and vacuum, and customize customized compressed air and vacuum system solutions for you.

  • Strong service network

    *own a strong service network, as well as professionally trained technicians and engineers all over the country. With just one phone call, we can provide you with creative and efficient solutions at any time to keep your compressed air and vacuum system in the best condition at all times.

    *Our services are designed to help you eliminate unplanned downtime, and reduce the huge investment on monitoring and investment on training of operators.

  • The system realizes durable, efficient and trouble-free operation

    *Even if you are currently using other brands of air compressors or vacuum pumps, you can also rely on UNIGY to realize durable, efficient and trouble-free operation for your system. Regardless of the supply of spare parts, preventive maintenance or regular maintenance service, we can take better care of your compressed air and vacuum system than the original equipment manufacturer.

    *In addition to producing and selling screw compressors, oil-free compressors, gas boosters, gas recovery compressors, and medium- and high-pressure air compressors, UNIGY brand can provide Leybold vacuum pumps, Leybold vacuum pump oil, and Leybold vacuum pump accessories and maintain Leybold vacuum pumps, and can also maintain vacuum pumps of brands such as Edwards, Busch, Pfeiffer and Hanbell. Service hotline: 4006137916