Oil-free Compressor

With modular design, the oil-free compressor series is suitable for the combination of the same crankcase and various cylinders to achieve one-stage compression, two-stage compression, and three-stage compression; it can be combined into compressors that compress different gases, such as: hexafluoride Sulfur compressors, nitrogen compressors, helium compressors, carbon dioxide compressors, oxygen compressors, hydrogen compressors, bottle blowing compressors, etc.


Screw Air Compressor

UNIGY screw air compressors have low operating noise, allowing the unit to be installed near the gas point, reducing installation costs and ensuring a safer working environment; stable exhaust pressure eliminates energy loss and prolongs the life of gas equipment.

Provide customers with complete gas compression system solutions。


Dry Vacuum Pump

Frequency conversion drive, energy saving, simple control, convenient operation, and unattended operation; the vacuum pump system built on the basis of imported vacuum pumps makes the performance more excellent.

A variety of control systems tailored to customers。


High Pressure Air Compressor

We provide customers with high-pressure air compressors, which are increasingly used in bottle blowing, hydropower stations, aluminum plants, high-pressure testing, and military and aerospace industries.

Provide customers with complete compressed gas system solutions