Carbon dioxide oil-free compressor

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  • With 15 years of unigy compressor industry experience, UNIGY has developed a new generation of fully oil-free carbon dioxide compressors based on national enterprise technology centers and a comprehensive new system of industry and academia research. The unit has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, super sealing, long service life, high reliability, and fully automated operation. Carbon dioxide oil-free compressor units are widely used in manufacturing processes such as synthetic fibers, soda ash, and soda ash.
  • 优尼捷压缩机15年的压缩机从业经验,依托国家级企业技术中心和完善的产学研究新体系,开发出了新一代全无油二氧化碳压缩机,该机组具有高效率、低噪声、超级密封、寿命长、高可靠性及全自动化运行的特点。二氧化碳无油压缩机组广泛用于合成纤维、纯碱及联碱等制造工艺。
  • Main features:

    The unit adopts a patented mechanism and exterior design, and its various performance parameters are at the international leading level.

    Adopting patented heavy-duty cast iron design, ensuring consistent high reliability of the unit.

    Adopting Swiss original imported shaft seals, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and long service life.

    The use of high-precision bearings from Japan ensures the reliability of the compressor.

    Adopting a completely oil-free structure, ensuring that the gas compressor is 100% oil-free.

    By adopting advanced microcomputer control systems, the automatic operation and remote control of the unit can be achieved.

    Nanjing Hante is one of the companies specializing in the production of gas compressors and also the agent of Laibao Vacuum in the lithium battery industry. Nanjing Hante provides customers with carbon dioxide compressors, oil-free compressors, nitrogen compressors, sulfur hexafluoride compressors, helium compressors, high-pressure machines, Laibao vacuum pump accessories, Laibao leak detectors, Laibao vacuum pump oil and other industrial equipment. We not only provide customers with air compressors, Provide customers with oil-free compressed gas system solutions.

  • 主要特点
  • 采用具有专利技术的机构和外观设计,该机组各项性能参数指标处于国际领先水平。
  • 采用专利技术重载型铸铁设计,保证机组始终如一的高可靠性。
  • 采用瑞士原装进口轴封,耐高温、耐腐蚀,使用寿命长。
  • 采用日本原装高精度轴承,保证了压缩机的可靠性。
  • 采用全无油结构,保证气体压缩机100%无油。
  • 采用先进的微电脑控制系统,可实现机组的自动化运行,远程控制。
  • 南京汉特是专业从是气体压缩机生产的企业之一,同时是莱宝真空在锂电行业代理商,南京汉特为客户提供二氧化碳压缩机,无油压缩机,氮气压缩机,六氟化硫压缩机,氦气压缩机,高压机,莱宝真空泵配件,莱宝检漏仪,莱宝真空泵油等工业设备,我们不止为客户提供空压机,更为客户提供无油压缩气体系统解决方案。