Sulfur hexafluoride compressors are widely used in recovery equipment

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  • Sulfur hexafluoride compressors are widely used as insulation media for high-voltage electrical equipment. The fully enclosed switchgear insulated with sulfur hexafluoride gas occupies a much smaller area than conventional open high-voltage distribution devices, and its operation is not affected by external meteorological and environmental conditions. Therefore, it is not only widely used in ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage power systems, but also has begun to be used in distribution networks (SF6 gas insulated switchgear and ring network power supply units). The advantages of sulfur hexafluoride gas insulated pipeline transmission lines are low dielectric loss, high transmission capacity, and can be used in high drop situations. Therefore, they are commonly used in hydropower station outgoing lines to replace conventional oil filled cables. SF6 gas insulated transformers have the advantages of fire and explosion protection, making them particularly suitable for power supply in densely populated areas and high-rise buildings. SF6 gas insulated ultra-high voltage transformers have been successfully developed, and all gas insulated substations will be a direction for the development of substation technology.
  • 六氟化硫压缩机被广泛用作高压电气设备的绝缘介质。六氟化硫气体绝缘的全封闭开关设备比常规的敞开式高压配电装置占地面积小得多,且其运行不受外界气象和环境条件的影响,因此不仅广泛用于超高压特高压电力系统,而且已开始用于配电网络(SF6气体绝缘的开关柜和环网供电单元)。六氟化硫气体绝缘的管道输电线的优点是介质损耗小、传输容量大,且可用于高落差场合,因此常用于水电站出线,取代常规的充油电缆。SF6气体绝缘的变压器具有防火防爆的优点,这种配电变压器特别适用于人口稠密的地区和高层建筑的供电。SF6气体绝缘的超高压变压器已研制成功,全气体绝缘变电所将是变电技术发展的一个方向。
  • The chemical properties of sulfur hexafluoride gas are stable. Slightly soluble in water, alcohol, and ether, soluble in potassium hydroxide. Does not react chemically with sodium hydroxide, liquid ammonia, and hydrochloric acid. It does not react with copper, silver, iron, and aluminum in a dry environment below 300 ℃. Below 500 ℃, it has no effect on quartz. React with metallic sodium at 250 ℃ and in liquid ammonia at -64 ℃. When mixed with hydrogen sulfide and heated, it decomposes. At 200 ℃, in the presence of specific metals such as steel and silicon steel, it can promote their slow decomposition.

    Because the density of sulfur hexafluoride is almost five times that of air, people who inhale sulfur hexafluoride will have longer wavelengths and lower frequencies when speaking, making their voice as powerful and domineering as a man. On the other hand, helium gas will have the opposite effect. After inhalation, the wavelength will become shorter, the frequency will become higher, and their voice will become as thin and weak as a woman.

    With the continuous acceleration of urban construction, the scale and capacity of supporting power facilities and equipment are increasing day by day, especially GIS electrical equipment, which has been widely used in new substations due to its small footprint, high operational reliability, rapid installation, and low maintenance workload, all of which have led to an increase in the use of SF6 gas to some extent. If SF6 is improperly controlled during use or there are errors in gas recovery, Not only does it pollute the environment, but it can also have adverse effects on the normal operation of electrical equipment and the health of employees. Therefore, the sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas recovery device is one of the essential key equipment for maintenance, and the sulfur hexafluoride compressor and vacuum pump are the core of this equipment.

    Nanjing Hante has introduced foreign technology and obtained multiple domestic patent technologies for the sulfur hexafluoride compressor produced at the Luoyang factory in Henan. It has been successfully applied in the sulfur hexafluoride recovery device industry both domestically and internationally, and has become a standard product for high-end recovery devices in the gas recovery industry. For more details, please consult our sales personnel.


  • 伴随着城市建设进程的不断加快,配套的电力设施,设备规模和容量与日俱增,特别是GIS电气设备凭借其自身占地面积小,运行可靠性高,安装迅速,维护工作量小等特点在新建变电站得到了广泛应用,都在一定程度上导致了SF6气体使用量的增加.如果SF6在使用过程中控制不当或是在回收气体时出现纰漏,不仅污染化境,也会给电器设备的正常运行和员工的身体健康带来不利影响,所以,六氟化硫(SF6)气体回收装置是检修必不可少的关键设备之一,而六氟化硫压缩机和真空泵是该设备中的核心。
  • 南京汉特引进国外技术,在河南洛阳工厂生产的六氟化硫压缩机获得国内多项专利技术,已成功应用于国内外六氟化硫回收装置行业,已成为气体回收行业中高端回收装置的标配产品,详情请咨询我司销售人员。